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UNIV 3.1.3.x

back box button UNIV 3.1.3.x
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Hardware UNIV 3.1.3.x [rev4]
- 14 channel button module. Up to 14 buttons with free voltage contacts can be connected to the module
- Possibility to connect 14 LEDs to indicate status of other nodes
- Possibility to connect touch panel TS Sensor manufactured by Berker
- Measures temperatures from -55C to +125C
- For deep back box mounting

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Open Source Hardware
Schematic, PCB design and Labels


open source hardware
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Firmware UNIV [rev2]
- Firmware for 14 channel back box button
- Allows defining line type: input only, output only, input/output
- 7 types of button behaving is recognized
- 14 LEDs can be connected to indicate status of other devices on the network
- Included thermometer, thermostat and temperature controller feature when Dallas sensor is connected
- Allows defining up to 128 CAN messages which can indirectly control the module
- Transmit (42 messages) and receive (42 messages) FIFO buffers
- Supports channel name request

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Open Source Firmware


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