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UNIV 3.2.4.x

16A Bistable Relay UNIV 3.2.4.x
  UNIV 3.2.4.x - pcb UNIV 3.2.4.x - kit UNIV 3.2.4.x - pcb assembled UNIV 3.2.4.x - pcb assembled

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Hardware UNIV 3.2.4.x
- Controller of 6 bistable 16A relays. These relays take energy only when switching from one state to the other
- Operation voltage 16-24V
- Power consumption 0.2W
- For DIN rail mounting
- Dimensions 90x106x53 mm (6 mod)
- Operating of module depends on firmware uploaded into it

Application Note


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SCHRACK RT314A12 relay datasheet


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SCHRACK RTS3xA12 relay datasheet


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SCHRACK RTX3-1AT-B012 relay datasheet


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OMRON G5RL-U1-E-12DC relay datasheet


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Open Source Hardware
Schematic, PCB design and Labels


open source hardware
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Firmware UNIV [rev0]
- Allows quicker module memory reading (reading only up to last occupied memory cell)
- Settable relay coil polarity
- 3 control instructions (on, off, toggle)
- 6 timers (1 for each relay) for instruction execution delay 1s-24h
- Allows defining up to 128 CAN messages which can indirectly control the module
- Settable relay power up state
- Transmit (42 messages) and receive (42 messages) FIFO buffers

Firmware Note


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Firmware File*.haf
HAPCAN Programmer


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Open Source Firmware


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