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UNIV 3.6.0.x

Dimmer RC UNIV 3.6.0.x
UNIV 3.6.0.x - pcb UNIV 3.6.0.x - kit UNIV 3.6.0.x - pcb assembled 1 UNIV 3.6.0.x - pcb assembled 2 UNIV 3.6.0.x - pcb assembled 3

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Hardware UNIV 3.6.0.x
- 1 channel light dimmer for resistive and capacitive loads
- trailing edge phase cut
- maximum load power 250W
- For DIN rail mounting
- Operating of module depends on firmware uploaded into it

Application Note


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Open Source Hardware
Schematic, PCB design and Labels


open source hardware
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Firmware UNIV [rev0]
- Allows quicker module memory reading (reading only up to last occupied memory cell)
- Dimming control in 256 steps (0-255)
- Allows defining min and max value, dimming speed, power up values
- Soft start feature
- Linear, square and user defined dimmer characteristics


Firmware Note


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Firmware File*.haf
HAPCAN Programmer


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Open Source Firmware


open source firmware

old hardware icon Dimmers built with UNIV 1.0 processor.
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