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If you enjoy assembling, commissioning and programming devices - you can get device in various versions: only processor, PCB, kit or assembled unit (section SHOP) or you can only use information found on this website and do everything yourself. The necessary documentation and software can be found on the page of the particular device (section HARDWARE). For devices built on the UNIV 3 CPU processor, software is available as "open source". So you have the possibility to modify the code to suit your needs. Device communication protocol is also described in module datasheet. Feel free to use this website.

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If you live in Warsaw and you are looking for help in designing your house, apartment or office electrical infrastructure, you are interested in proposing a solution, you want to understand the capabilities and costs - please contact Netserve company who will perform for you all the technical side of the project.

Netserve Company

The system can be produced commercially in accordance with the rules of the GPL, which generally means you need to distribute devices together with the original or modified source code along with the copyright notice "Copyright © hapcan.com"

However, if you are looking for a ready solution system in which the modules communicate on the reliable CAN bus, you would like to use it in your own home automation system or any other system that you could distribute under your own brand - you can purchase Commercial License which would give you complete independence from the HAPCAN system. You'll also be able to take advantage of current and future versions of the "open source" functional firmware available for free on this website.

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